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Here’s the deal, we want to bring amazing meals and hospitality to your home, whatever the experience you are looking for may be. Do you want to hop in the kitchen and learn how to roll pasta? We got you. Want to sit back and be treated like royalty? Done. We’re ready to feed you grapes and cheese until you need to tickle your throat in the vomitorium (It’s what royalty does read up on the Romans). We aren’t launching a specific menu because we really want you to know that the SKY IS THE LIMIT. And if all you want is to not think about WHAT you want, then we are happy to make that happen, you just show up when it’s time for dinner.

Congregated around the kitchen, sharing our food and drinks with others and learning about the different cultures of the individuals in the room is our favorite place to be. Whether it is the ingenuity and hard work put in by the farmer of a tomato that allows an ingredient to stand beautifully on its own, perfecting the fold of an agnolotti after hours of YouTube videos and practice, or the tried and true techniques passed on from generation to generation when making grandmother’s dumplings, there is a level of respect for the craft behind every ingredient that fuels our passion to encompass those details in the entire experience.

Private Dinners

Are you ready for a kitchen take over? We are excited to bring our hospitality and delicious food to your home!

We have the flexibility of providing an experience tailored to what you envision in your home. So whether you want to learn to make pasta and cook with Chef Taylor, want a multi – course plated dinner or a comfort food family style feast, we will do it all! The possibilities don’t end there and we hope you will fill out our information form so we can hear all about what you want us to bring to the table!

Here’s what we’ll always bring
  • Food
  • Plates
  • Glassware
  • Flatware
  • Hospitality


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